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“If you want it, work for it!”

– Zeke, Farm Supervisor

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Farm Supervisor

Zeke is the son of Charlotte Vick and part of the Vick family's third generation playing a critical role in the farm's global operations. He is responsible for coordinating the farm’s daily shipments and deliveries.

Zeke has worked full-time on the farm since 2017, but, like his siblings, has spent a lifetime learning the farm’s operations and its customers. In addition to this expertise, he attended the NC State Agriculture Institute and graduated with a General Agriculture degree. Zeke is also in charge of helping facilitate H2A workers in the field. He hopes to learn the ins and outs of growing the farm operations as he himself grows.

What Zeke loves most about carrying on his family’s heritage is the role he gets to have in helping put food on the tables of families all over the world! Even though it isn’t always easy, he loves working with his family and truly appreciates the time he gets to spend with and learn from them every day. In his spare time, Zeke loves hunting and spending time with his dog