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“One of my favorite quotes is from my grandpa, Jerome Vick, who said “If you can’t scratch it out in the shade, you can’t work it out in the sun.”

– Grayson, Assistant Farm Manager

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Assistant Farm Manager

Grayson is the daughter of Charlotte Vick and part of the Vick family's third generation playing a critical role in the farm's global operations. She is the farm’s Assistant Manager, responsible for the day-to-day duties of the farming process, including greenhouse management, planting, harvesting, and overseeing its H2A labor.

Grayson is a 2019 graduate of NC State’s Agricultural Institute with a dual degree in Ag Business Management and Livestock and Poultry Management. Grayson loves being out in nature on the farm with the livestock. Seeing her family’s hard work being shipped all over the world gives is a great sense of pride for Grayson, and it fuels her ambition for the future of the farm, alongside her family!

Outside of work, when she is not spending time with her friends or fur-babies, Grayson to tap into her creative interests of remodeling, interior design, and creating floral arrangements.